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5 easy ways to Keep Your Dog Cool this summer.

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer.


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 You are the single most important thing in your dogs life. In this post we’ll cover how to cool that dog of yours down no matter if you’re at home or on the road.

 2020 was the hottest summer on record for the northern hemisphere. As such it makes sense that some of the hottest days are ahead of us and can harm your dog if you don’t pay attention to the temperature. 

 So then, how do you cool down your dog on these hot summer days? 


 Seams simple, but dogs don’t sweat like you and me. Meaning the dog house you have outside is probably the worst place for your best friend. The best solution is actually one that the dog will most likely choose naturally, an air conditioner! Just kidding… TREES! Trees provide shade while allowing for ventilation. The bigger the tree the more shade, the happier the dog!


Doggy Pools

 Another quick yet incredibly effective solution to cool your dog off is to use a kiddie pool. These polls are cheap to buy second hand. Make sure you place the pool in the shade so the water doesn't heat up. Then sit back and watch your dog jump for joy as they splash around. 

 If you’re looking for something a bit more effective, check out our dog pools. We have a couple recommendations depending on the breed of your dog. 

 Deep pools for medium to large dogs or thick hair breeds. 

Shallow pool with sprinkler for small medium or short hair breeds.

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Keep Your Dog Hydrated (water bottle)

 On days that are not scorching simply putting some water out for them may be enough. Make sure the water is cool, if it’s a scorcher of a day don’t be afraid to replace the water every few hours with some cold water straight from the hose and don’t be afraid to get the shower head out and spray them down! 

 If you’re on the go we have an easy portable water bottle that stores food and water for your pal. Simply fill it up and give them some water every couple hours. Also, most dogs will usually let you know they are thirsty so try not to worry to much. 


Cooling Dog Vest

 This is an odd one that most dog owners probably have not considered. Paw Shark carries two innovative products specifically made to cool down your dog…

 Simply dunk the water trapping material in some water and watch the jacket keep your dog cool for up to 6 hours. This is especially important if you’re going on long walks mid day or you don’t want the hassle of pulling out a kiddie pool every time it gets hot. 

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Try a damp towel

 Lastly if you’re in a pinch. Grab and towel, soak it in some water, and lay it out in the shade. However this is not as effective as some of the other options on this list, and we strongly suggest you invest in a pool or sprinkler of some kind if it gets incredibly hot in your area. 



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