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It's Easy To Love Animals

Paw Shark started last year in a tiny apartment. Since then we have been able to grow at an unprecedented rate. Incorporating our ethics and spirit into innovative products and customer experience. 

So... What is your mission?

We want to innovate. Bring new products and ways of doing things to a stagnant market. We think that pet owners need an easier way to take care of their dogs & cats. 

Why us over large retail stores?

This one's easy. We have ethics different to any pet brand you have even bought from. We're so passionate about protecting animals that we put a heavy focus on verifying that the manufactures we work with don't test on animals. Seams like common sense, but unfortunately not every pet brand does this.

As we get larger we hope to invest into the community. This means supporting non-for profits, charities, shutting down dog and cat farms, and educating people on the responsibilities of ownership before they become said owners

Everything we've built is because of you and as the founder of Paw Shark I promise to uphold our customer service and quality standards.

Have a pawtastic day!